As per the survey of the planning commission Sitapur is socially and economically the most backward district in the country. The majority of the population especially the SC families are unable to have access to education and the youth used to drop out and become casual workers in local brick kilns, markets, construction sites etc. Only the well off used to send their children for education to other cities. There was thus an urgent need to bring quality education and that too professional education to the door steps of the population in Sitapur and adjoining areas. It was also necessary to set up Teacher Training Institution so that the community around and in the nearby villages can benefit by regular visit of students to the nearby villages for promoting literacy, hygiene and sanitation, environment issues and challenges as well as human values. It was also aimed that provision of good teachers will improve the standards of education in the region.
The Trust has established an institution which provides quality education as well as academic environment and will set an example for emulation by other institutions in the area. This will result in overall improvement in education delivery.

Provision of quality education and internship opportunities to the students was to ensure their employability.

Keeping all this in view the Trust decided to establish a quality Teacher Training Institution in this backward Kanwakheda rural area of Sitapur District.

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Education is a growing and ever changing discipline as it endeavors to respond to changing and complex socio- economic conditions. In response the contemporary world of education has reincarnated itself by adopting most innovative and participatory practices to help consummate knowledge and skill transfer activities as well as processes.
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